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Exhibition Documentaries

Time-lapse Reel from Lake Eyre Kati-Thanda followed by the Trailer for the Documentary Film 'Salt'

Iridium is a time-lapse assembly from footage captured over numerous visits to Lake Eyre Kati-Thanda as part of the 'Salt Project'. Following Iridium is the Trailer for the documentary 'Salt'
This was Fredericks first foray into time-lapse video.

The footage was captured between 2006 and 2009. In 2006, the film and photography world was transitioning from analogue to digital and for the film 'Salt', successful experiments were made into time-lapse capture with a small digital DSLR, a digital intervalometer and some very basic motion control equipment.

The film Salt won 12 major International awards including Best Cinematography at CameraImage. The Salt Documentary played in over 70 film festivals and screened on major networks internationally.

Time-lapse Reel Credits
Time-lapse Specialist Murray Fredericks
Editor Lindi Harrison
Music 'Iridium' by Aajinta

‘SALT’ Documentary Trailer
Documentary trailer for 'Salt'

'Salt' is a 28min documentary film shot over many years at Lake Eyre - Kati Thanda in Central Australia. It follows the journey of the photographer Murray Fredericks, who made multiple, often month long journeys, to the centre of the Lake to produce the "Salt" photographic series.

The film won over 12 international awards including the Golden Frog for Best Cinematography at the CameraImage Film Festival, the International Documentary Association's Best Documentary Short and a Jury Prize at Silverdocs/AFI.

This was Murray's first film which he co-directed and shot.

Greenland Time-lapse Reel
Time-lapse reel from the Documentary, Nothing On Earth (ABC / Jerrycan Films). The trailer follows the reel.

Time-lapse reel from the documentary, Nothing On Earth (ABC / Jerrycan Films).

This footage is from the early stages of the project which ran from 2010 to 2013 and comprised of 6 visits to East Greenland and a double crossing of the Ice-sheet by dog sled. The resulting feature length documentary was screened on ABC.

The project resulted in numerous exhibitions of still images and number of large scale, mu; ti-screen installations which played the DYE2 and Borealis video works.

Time-lapse Reel Credits
Time-lapse Specialist Murray Fredericks
Editor Lindi Harrison
Composer Tom Schutzinger

‘Nothing On Earth’ (ABC / Jerrycan Films) Documentary Trailer
'Nothing On Earth' (ABC / Jerrycan Films) Trailer from the Feature Documentary following the creation of the 'Icesheet Series' of Photographs on the Greenland Icecap

Nothing On Earth Synopsis

Murray Fredericks is an award winning artist renowned for his photographs of the vast empty space of Lake Eyre, South Australia.
When he relocates his work to the Greenland Icecap - atop a melting glacier and under the solar storms of the Aurora Borealis - he finds himself alone in a landscape he’s never been, in a place he doesn’t understand,
hoping this time he hasn’t taken his quest too far.
What begins as an artistic odyssey, becomes an adventure of extremes in one of the most breathtaking environments on Earth.

Array Series
Behind the Scenes Look at the Production of Murray Fredericks ARRAY Series, Part of the 'Salt Project'

This video was produced to record the process of creating the ARRAY series.

Camera Murray Fredericks & Nick Bannehr
Time-lapse Specialist Murray Fredericks
Editor Lindi Harrison
Composer Tommy Schutzinger

Special thanks to the Tiwi Land Council